Live Tweet Practice

President Obama, Oct. 1, 2015 speech on gun regulation.


Obama to speak on on Oregon shooting with 9 dead, 9 injured

“There’s been another mass shooting I’m America” he begins.

“That means theres another community stung with grieve.”

“I’ve been to Roseburg Oregon, there are really good people there.”

Obama thanks first responders

“Their eyes set on the future,” Obama describes students victims

He hardens and says “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough, it’s not enough.”

“It does nothing to prevent this carnage from being inflicted in another place in America.”

Frustration is palpable

“Anyone who does this has a sickness in their minds.”

“We are not the only country on earth with people with mental illnesses … we are the only advanced country on Earth who sees these mass shootings every couple months.”

“Somehow this has become routine,” he says visibly angry.

Listing off different cities in which he’s seen this happen

“It cannot be this easy for someone who wants to inflict harm on other people to get their hands on a gun.”

“We need more guns, they’ll argue … Does anyone actually believe that?”

“How can you, with a straight face, make an argument that guns will make us safer.”

Other countries after one mass shooting are able to form laws that eliminate mass shootings.

Saying people are going to criticize him for politicizing this issue, but it’s something that should be politicized.

We spend over a trillion dollars to prevent terrorist attacks on our soil, but we have a Congress who wont even let us collect data on how to eliminate gun deaths.


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